Jackie Abbott is a New York City actor & artist, born in Stamford, Connecticut
She once had an Irish stepdance recital on the stage where The Maury Show now films

Jackie explored many careers in her childhood, mostly via fingerpainted portraits
Her parents now use them to insulate the attic

On her FIRST ever AUDITION for a MAJOR role, she BOOKED it!!*!~!!
...It was Elizabeth Proctor in her high school production of The Crucible

She graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with her BFA & sense of play intact
During this time, she studied with Olympia Dukakis & worked for Susan Sarandon;
There isn't really a joke in there

Dubbed a cheeky firecracker by her professors, Jackie is a fiery mix of passion, intensity, sarcasm, terrible dad jokes, great dad jokes, and goofball
That is not her bathtub, but those are her eyelashes