a drag queen, a bookworm, and a fiery Italian-Jew walk into a bar...

Jackie Abbott is a New York City actor and artist, born in Stamford, Connecticut
                 *She left years before "The Maury Show" moved in

Jackie has always possessed an innate curiosity and explored many careers in her childhood, mostly via fingerpainted portraits and shoebox dioramas
                 *Which her parents refuse to throw away and so use to insulate their attics

On her FIRST ever audition for a MAJOR role, she BOOKED it!!!
                 *It was Elizabeth Proctor in her high school production of The Crucible
                 **She truly peaked at age four when she got a toy microphone for Christmas and
                     made her living room debut as the youngest ever Grizabella in a tearful rendition of
                     "Memory" from Cats; it exists somewhere on VHS

She graudated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with her BFA and sense of play intact
                 *She cried a lot during her clowning class

Dubbed a cheeky firecracker by her professors, Jackie is as passionate as she is a goofball
                 *She serves sarcastic quippy commentary and pauses for response